The new Cult Leader update has arrived, giving you the chance to recruit royalty, aging badasses, international whistleblowers and equine sports stars. We have also made changes to the user interface allowing players to see exatly what is happening to your cult members and where they are in the compound.

Cult Leader Olympics

August 27, 2012

Our first mission update is now live. The great leader in his wisdom is in no way exploiting the bandwagon of the Olympics and it just so happens that the intercontinental Cultural Olympiad Is running over the next few weeks.  We have loads of missions about the Olympics and Para-Olympics running over the next few weeks with celebrity cult members like Bradley Wiggins, Michael Phelps,  as well as missions about Corporate sponsor ship, Ticket touts, empty seats, G4S security, dressage, Badminton shambles, Para-Olympic ringers, and Revealing Rowers’ Unitards.

Cult Activities do not simply stop because there are some sports on either with David Bowie, James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch all in the sights of the Leader as possible recruits.

Part of our beta process is making sure that the update process runs as smoothly as possible so regular updates like the Intercontinental Cult Olympiad are possible. Be part of the Cultural  Olympiad and Get gold for the Leader.


Cult Leader is now live!

August 7, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here at Two Monocle Games we are proud to announce that Cult Leader is finally live. We will be going through an open beta period just to make sure everything is working correctly. If all goes according to plan we should be making the first mission update next week including missions about the Olympics, David Bowie and the Libor scandal. We love hearing from our fans, so any suggestions about missions you would like to see are more than welcome.

You can play Cult Leader on facebook Here




Captain’s Log



Day 78

There is increased activity and a buzz around the compound. The Zealots are keeping a sharp eye on all cult members, making escape impossible. If only my crew knew what was happening – did Baron Feather- Hammer reach them? I hope, wherever they are, that they are plotting my rescue.

Day 105

The whole compound had an audience with the Leader today. He informed us that we’d soon be embarking on a great journey. The look of overwhelming joy on the more devout members worried me – I must escape the compound as soon as possible or else I may never see the outside world.

Day 107

Baron Feather-Hammer returned with news from the outside – The crew are organising a rescue. I just hope they will arrive in time to save me from the “great journey” the Leader is preparing for us all.

Day 109

At long last, I am finally free! The daring escape took place in the dead of night as the Zealots changed shifts. Dexter and the crew scaled the high walls surrounding the compound and rushed me away under cover of darkness. I have been reunited with my beloved Captain’s quarters, and I am slowly remembering what it was like to be free – living under the tyranny of the Leader for so long has drained me of whatever free will I once had. We must take to the neighbouring towns and warn the citizens.

Day 115

The crew and I went from town to town trying to expose the dangers of the Leader and his Cult, but their propaganda posters litter the streets! An old woman told me of how a cult member saved her cat, and that the Children’s hospital received a six figure donation in the name of the Leader.

Wandering the streets, we witnessed children playing with toys with an entranced look in their eyes – to what lengths has the Leader went to ensure his status among the people?

Seeing how thoroughly the Leader has infiltrated the minds of the citizens, I fear all hope is lost for them. The only way to stop the Leader is to try and convince the people of something better. I have seen the inner workings of their compounds; perhaps we could start a new cult, with a new leader. Then they will remember what freedom really is!

Who wouldn’t want the queen of pop in their cult? Here is the mission to recruit her.

Mad Madonna
Madonna musical influence spans the globe and her penchant for new age spiritualism makes her very susceptible to indoctrination. Find a way to recruit the queen of pop to your cause.

Madonna could not resist the chance to adopt a child from the third world. A simple call to her agent put her exactly where you needed her to be. She fell for the giant fake orphanage trick and is now safely in the clutches of your compound.

Meet the Inner Sanctum

June 1, 2012

The shadowy inner sanctum answers to no one but yourself. Made up of your most influential cult members these individuals are both masters of manipulation and information control. They can singlehandedly solve public image problems, and their shadowy contacts mean that you can worry less about those bad headlines and get on with running your cult.

Inner Sanctum Powers

Intimidating Presence:

The Inner sanctum member uses their shadowy presence to intimidate a cult member give them a bonus to their obedience.


Public Influence:

The cult member uses their influence over the outside world to raise public opinion in your favour.


Shadowy Meeting:

2 or more Inner Sanctum members meet to increase 1 randomly selected stat globally for 24 hours. The number of Inner Sanctum members determines the type and amount of increase.

Meet the Zealot

May 31, 2012

Meet the Zealot

Bullied as a child, the Zealot decided that enough was enough. They crave any power they can curtail from those around them. You can easily use it to your advantage, just don’t call them poopy pants.


Zealot abilities

Unquestioning Obedience

Any action the targeted cult member performs for the next 12 hours costs no Obedience.



The Zealot examines the targeted cult member for any weakness. The targeted cult member’s Obedience and Tithe are reset to standard values.


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Toodle pip



Captains log

We have found dry land, made camp and began to resupply for the long journey ahead.

This second week has seen us facing many tribulations but also many victories. Rehana – bless’d with the knowledge and ability to interpret the great facial compendium – has been creating applications for the company’s future use.

As our plans for the capture of mythical creatures gets underway, we have hit several snags with the enclosure and environment, we aim to retain these individuals with in.

Donna has been working on the small human like automatons we aim to use to attract users.  She informs me, however, that her work is hindered by some sort of giant insect. From her description I presumed it to be a larval member of the geometrid family of moths, and although possessing a vivacious appetite, poses no direct threat to humans..

I have enclosed a moving daguerreotype of Donna’s preliminary model. Please press gently to activate the moving image.

Needless to say this unfinished automaton still needs to be disguised effectively but now we can create more individual and varied forms of automatons to collect more diverse and interesting information throughout the coming months.

Dexter continues to work day and night apart from a brief sortie in to the local wilderness. He says he is going to the Temple of Persistent Logical Development, I presume this is some form of meditation, so I leave him to his thoughts. He has developed a system for the integration of our technology with that of the natives, resizing it automatically depending on the amount of users we receive.

Gavin seems distracted as of late, his work is still of the highest quality but he looks wistfully to the south maybe he longs for warmer climes, or a lost love. I share his pain for I too have left behind a Gentlewoman whom I miss every day. His work is currently focused on studying the visual remains of the civilisation that once inhabited this island, as well as deciphering some iconography we discovered not far from our landing point. His notes speak of powerful individuals who control large numbers of people and, it is exciting to think that great leaders once governed these lands long before our footsteps. I have enclosed his sketches of these fascinating hieroglyphs.

My own interpretation of these images is that a very happy people possessed some wealth; that, when they prayed to their deity, their wealth was tripled, giving them more money for whistles and padlocks. What a strange and wonderful society this must have been.

I cannot wait for the coming week and what wondrous discoveries it may bring.



B.S.c.  S.S.c.

Captain of the good ship Two Monocle Games


Good day fellow Monoclonians,

Like every good adventure story, ours has a beginning, it all began almost six months ago with the help of Abertay University and their very clever Prototype Fund. With their help we are able to obtain the supplies and unique talents that will facilitate our expedition.

Two Monocle Games Limited consists of a band of six super powered rogues; Dexter Freeman, an engineering extraordinaire – what he lacks in stature is made up for in pure intellect. Rehana Palansuriya, a soft spoken gentlewoman, can destroy bugs with a single glance. Donna Hart confuses her opponents by weaving complex illusions from words and images. The immortal Gavin Bird regenerates his limbs and can blend his artistic style seamlessly to the most complex codex or compendium. The mysterious Laurie Bell can fine tune his brain to any frequency, giving joy to his comrades and destroying his enemies. Finally there is myself, two monocled Thomas Naylor, captain of the good ship traversing  the multitudinous seas in search of  adventure and fortune.

Gavin and Donna have been creating the art assets using a combination of 3d isometric render and vector overlay.They have produced some fantastic buildings for use in the final product and their progress is truely incredeble and fills me with confidence for the journey ahead.

I have enclosed some delicate engravings of the proposed designs and the final result for your perusal.

Our coding masters have been no less busy with Dexter’s brain working overtime to fill in any design holes, he programs like he is possessed, displaying a drive and vigour that no normal human being ever before seen to be capable of. Rehana has created the UI template and has stated adding the preliminary UI graphics. We already have the rudimentary game state running. Dexter has just informed me that the mission system is complete.

So as our expedition stands strong on the steps of week two, with such dedication and zeal I feel like we will reach our goal within a month not four.

I will write again in a week’s time with further news.