Ladies and Gentlemen,

We at Two Monocle Games are very excited to announce our upcoming comedy title Cult Leader.

Play the part of the mysterious and charismatic cult leader as you indoctrinate your friends and relatives. Control your member’s through Brainwashing and build your own army of unquestioning zealots. Send your followers on missions to recruit celebrities, kidnap pandas and even destroy the moon.




Cult leader should be hitting your Facebook walls in a couple of months.






Captain’s Log


This week has been filled with the strangest happenings to beset our expedition.


The week started easily, and we were just about to break camp when a rustling in the undergrowth alerted us to a presence that was not of our party. Upon further investigation, Rehana caught a brief glimpse of a hooded figure disappearing in to the undergrowth. We were excited, as this was the first sign of human life we had encountered on our expedition thus far; alas we may have been a little hasty to greet the individual. We tried to locate the mysterious islander to no avail. Despite the small size of this sandy island the gentleman had vanished! We dejectedly broke up the rest of the camp and made our way back to the good ship Two Monocles and prepared her for the high tide.


As the evening’s high tide broke, we charted a path to our next destination: the foreboding Skull Island (however, I personally hold the opinion that the island more closely resembled a duck). Donna swore she could hear noises of chanting upon the wind, but as the anchor dropped the chanting ceased, and all that remained were the waves slapping against the hull. We waited until morning to go ashore with our equipment and supplies. Gavin scouted out a small clearing where we could build a hut. We also erected a small fence to deter local wildlife.


I feel that it is necessary to mention the group of ominous standing stones we found dotted along the coast line, they were certainly not natural occurrences – they were most definitely alien to the island. I can still recall the dreadful feeling as I near’d to them, as if an evil magick was once done at that spot. Mysterious indeed!

We took a repast of wine, wild berries and a large wheel o’ cheese before retiring for the night. Thoughts of our mysterious visitor, the strange chanting and alien rocks, accompanied with the wheel of cheese, provided us all with vivid and strange nightmares of mysterious gatherings and occultist rituals. I was assailed by a terrorful nightmare in which I was running through jam from a giant duck wearing a fez. I had disturbed dreams that lasted for three moons.


I did not forecast that our already unnerving visit to Skull Island would become still more mysterious, the discovery that Gavin had went missing during the night sent our heads reeling with disturbed thoughts. Observing footprints in the sand, we deduced that he must have been dragged into the night by at least three men, and a Newfoundland dog. We tracked the footprints as far as we could but we soon lost the trail.  Gavin’s departure was a terrible blow for the expedition, however remembering that the island was not a large one, we decided to organise a regimented search party, and for at least one crew member to remain on watch during the night.


We made a decision to map the island and deploy some of Donna’s finished automatons to help in the search. To this end Dexter had produced some mapping equipment which enabled us to visualise the island from an aerial perspective, he christened the device the “Eye-Sew-Metric Steam Engine”. Using natural resources and household objects, Rehana was able to construct recording and broadcasting sound equipment to allow easier communication and feedback to operators. With these devices we were thus able to capture some of the local dialects.


Even though the crew found themselves in a flurry of activity, coping with the absence of one of our valued companions, Dexter kept faithful watch yet. I must now remark upon one of the nights I was on watch. I was sitting comfortably with my pipe and my favourite volume by Captain George North, when I once again heard the chants. For this adventure there was no X to mark our destiny.


During one of our periodic night-search expeditions, we were negotiating the thick jungle when suddenly our ears were blitzed with a loud chorus of chanting. We quickly extinguished our torches and crept forward to survey a cavernous volcanic chamber with roughly seventy robed figures facing an elevated natural alter.  At last! There he was, centred on the platform, the haggard form of Gavin.  Our wretched friend appeared to be supporting himself on the bars of the cage he was contained in. An individual in extravagant robes accompanied by a female – perhaps the cloaked man’s surly daughter – lead the chanting in some strange language. Utilising Rehana’s audio relay installed on the nearest automaton we managed to decipher their chansons, thus:


Oh mighty stone of Duck, allow these two to ….wed

Protect them mighty rock, so she may get some …happiness”



We learned that Gavin had been kidnapped for the purpose of being forcibly married to the tribal chief’s daughter. Quickly resolving to save our friend from his betrothal, Rehana, Dexter, Donna and myself crept forward to the nearest hooded individuals and relived each of them of their consciousness and robes. Disguising ourselves as tribe members we slowly advanced towards the raised platform. Just at that moment the translating automaton sensing our distance decided to raise the volume of his broadcast, echoing the awful poetry back upon the tribe. Screams of alarm echoed through the cavern as the tribe enraged. The automaton continued to translate the barrage of expletives being hurled at it by the mob until its audio unit received a particularly powerful blow and ceased to function. Taking full advantage of this distraction we rapidly freed Gavin from the confines of his cage and followed him to an alternative exit. Fleeing back to camp pursued by angry tribesmen, we quickly rounded up all the equipment we could carry and made our way to the dinghy.


We boarded the Two Monocles at once and travelled with great haste from “Skull” Island, while Gavin recounted the events that beset him over the last few days.  The chief of the Crytecochtitlan tribe spotted us through the trees making camp on Doubloon Island. He was the man running away from us then! In Crytecochtitlean culture, the wearing of tall round head dresses signifies rank and power, and Gavin’s top hat made them believe him the ultimate prize for the chief’s daughter. Upon discovering we had arrived on their island, they seized the chance and spiked the goblet from which he was drinking port, and dragged him through the forest until they arrived at Skull Rock. After a life-threatening umbrella ride down the cliffside, they entered the tribe’s domain, where he was caged and subjected to a barrage of questions mainly involving the loss of his hat. It was fortuitous that we turned up when we did.

For now on we will search for more hospitable island to continue our investigations and experiments.


I am hoping this coming week is a quieter one.



B.S.C    S.S.C

Captain of the good ship Two Monocle Games.


Captains log

We have found dry land, made camp and began to resupply for the long journey ahead.

This second week has seen us facing many tribulations but also many victories. Rehana – bless’d with the knowledge and ability to interpret the great facial compendium – has been creating applications for the company’s future use.

As our plans for the capture of mythical creatures gets underway, we have hit several snags with the enclosure and environment, we aim to retain these individuals with in.

Donna has been working on the small human like automatons we aim to use to attract users.  She informs me, however, that her work is hindered by some sort of giant insect. From her description I presumed it to be a larval member of the geometrid family of moths, and although possessing a vivacious appetite, poses no direct threat to humans..

I have enclosed a moving daguerreotype of Donna’s preliminary model. Please press gently to activate the moving image.

Needless to say this unfinished automaton still needs to be disguised effectively but now we can create more individual and varied forms of automatons to collect more diverse and interesting information throughout the coming months.

Dexter continues to work day and night apart from a brief sortie in to the local wilderness. He says he is going to the Temple of Persistent Logical Development, I presume this is some form of meditation, so I leave him to his thoughts. He has developed a system for the integration of our technology with that of the natives, resizing it automatically depending on the amount of users we receive.

Gavin seems distracted as of late, his work is still of the highest quality but he looks wistfully to the south maybe he longs for warmer climes, or a lost love. I share his pain for I too have left behind a Gentlewoman whom I miss every day. His work is currently focused on studying the visual remains of the civilisation that once inhabited this island, as well as deciphering some iconography we discovered not far from our landing point. His notes speak of powerful individuals who control large numbers of people and, it is exciting to think that great leaders once governed these lands long before our footsteps. I have enclosed his sketches of these fascinating hieroglyphs.

My own interpretation of these images is that a very happy people possessed some wealth; that, when they prayed to their deity, their wealth was tripled, giving them more money for whistles and padlocks. What a strange and wonderful society this must have been.

I cannot wait for the coming week and what wondrous discoveries it may bring.



B.S.c.  S.S.c.

Captain of the good ship Two Monocle Games